Lundin Gold Recognized by UN Global Compact

November 16, 2020 by Sarah Tesla

On October 22, 2020, Lundin Gold was awarded for Good Practices in Sustainable Development in support of SDG 8 – Decent Work from the UN Ecuador Network. This is the third award that Lundin Gold has received from joint work with the Lundin Foundation.

Since beginning work in Ecuador, Lundin Gold and the Lundin Foundation have worked hand-in-hand with communities near Fruta del Norte to generate economic opportunities. With a focus on Education and Training and an investment of $7.5 M, the Training Program for Mining Operations has seen the graduation of 306 participants, all from the Zamora Chinchipe province, 14.3% of whom are women and 16 members from the Shuar nationality. Today, the vast majority of graduates are employed at the mine and process plant.

This is the third time Lundin Gold has been awarded such recognition. In 2017, the United Nations Global Compact networks in Colombia and Ecuador recognized work completed with the Lundin Foundation and Catering Las Penas (CLP) for the development of the inclusive supply chain; and at the end of 2019, United Nations Global Compact Canada awarded Lundin Gold the Leadership Award for the implementation of education and training strategies.

Congratulations to the Lundin Gold Family!



The Lundin Foundation is also proud to have also supported the development and implementation of the TAKATAII Program, which received a letter from the United Nations Global Compact Ecuador Network 2020 as a prominent practice of the SDG 2 “To promote sustainable agriculture to achieve food security”.


In partnership with Catering las Penas, this is the second year of awards carried out by the Global Pact Ecuador network around the 2030 agenda. It includes 122 private and public companies, civil society and academics of which 55 practices met the stipulated qualification, methodology and the verification were valued by international consultants.