Creating programs that meet the needs of communities

We develop strategic investments that pave the way for long-term economic prosperity.

Our Approach

We believe communities deserve an individualized approach.

Successful local solutions demand out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility, and an in-depth understanding of the surrounding environment.

By focusing on the individual strengths of each community we work with and assessing untapped market approaches — our programs ensure durable success that goes beyond project timelines.

Once a joint goal is established, we provide technical expertise and flexible financing solutions to bring our collective vision to life. We strive for long-term impact, empowering entrepreneurs and forging partnerships.

Our Community Impacts by Pillar

We strive for long-term impact, empowering entrepreneurs and forging partnerships.

Local Supplier Development

In 2022, our community programs supported budding entrepreneurs and local small businesses contributing to long-term economic impacts in communities around Lundin operations.


businesses supported through seed capital grants and loans


are women-led businesses

Economic Diversification

Investing in non-resource dependant sectors promotes vibrant and diverse economies. In 2022 our capacity building and technical training programs led to:

$24.5 M

revenue generated by local businesses


program participants from a diverse array of communities

Social and Environmental Innovation

Supporting entrepreneurs to address pressing social and environmental challenges leads to innovative solutions. Between 2019, to 2021 the Foundation collectively supported over 80 start-ups with the following outcomes.

$28.8 M

in revenue generated over three years

$50.8 M

in third party funding leveraged over three years

Education and Skills Training

From 2019 to 2022, our Training for Operations program in partnership with Lundin Gold in Ecuador developed and delivered industry-relevant programs to create a confident and skilled workforce.

$10.7 M

in cumulative salaries paid over four years



What Our Beneficiaries Are Saying

“It is important to support the entrepreneurial spirit of women and I am really very grateful to the Foundation and Lundin Gold for recognizing that.”


"We were trained by an engineer from Quito, who supported me by being patient and attentive to all the opinions or doubts we had during this process.”

Sandra Pacqui, SMERA

“Things have changed 100% for us,” says Mariano. “Shipping and export to Europe was a big accomplishment especially since COVID-19 began. Our workers at the plant are happy and I am also proud that my union is well positioned in the community.”

Mariano Palacious, Punta Frodden

PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award

The Lundin Foundation is proud to have been awarded the PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award for creating an organization funded by mining revenue with the sole purpose of providing lasting benefits for communities surrounding Lundin Group companies’ operations.

The PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award honours an organization demonstrating outstanding initiative, leadership and accomplishment in establishing good community relations during an exploration program or operation of a mine. Core to every Lundin Group company is a commitment to leveraging resource development to mobilize economic opportunities for local communities and empower community members to connect with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to improve their lives.