The Lundin Foundation is an international team of passionate and professional experts working to mobilize local economic opportunities, support small business growth and invest in social and environmental solutions.

The vision and inspiration that Lukas Lundin drew upon for the Lundin Foundation was fueled by a deep desire to create lasting benefits for communities impacted by resource operations. Today, our award-winning work has led the Lundin Foundation to share best practices, promote continuous learning and contribute to a diverse pool of global expertise to address pressing Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) topics. Our international team of passionate and professional thought-leaders enables us to effectively respond to emerging trends within the industry which elevates ESG performance across the Lundin Group of companies.


Interested in joining our team and contributing to our award-winning work? We are currently hiring for the following positions.



The Lundin Foundation is in search of a Director, Community Economic Development (Latin America), responsible for overseeing community economic development initiatives and providing oversight for the organization staff and corporate partners in Latin America.

Community Economic Development Initiatives

  • Design, implement and monitor the execution of programs that align with the organization’s pillars of Economic Diversification, Skills Training and Education, Local Supplier Development, and Social and Environmental Innovation. This work will require:
    • Close collaboration with corporate partners and internal resources
    • Identifying, analyzing, prioritizing opportunities
    • Developing terms of references for different initiatives/programs
    • Contracting/partnering with implementing partners
    • Leading project and budget management – this will involve hands-on work to support project delivery
  • Support capacity building of corporate partner teams at site in different areas of community development/relations where the Foundation has expertise
  • Leverage and scale successful initiatives and partnerships across the region (I.E.: leveraging program models in place in Ecuador to scale in other countries)
  • Provide subject-matter expertise, guidance and advice on community development to corporate partners in Latin America
  • Provide corporate partners with QA/QC on their community development programs
  • Seek out strategic partnerships with credible third parties to carry out local development initiatives that support corporate partner priorities

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The Environmental Social Governance Analyst is a detail-oriented individual, with a minimum of three years of experience, that will be responsible for supporting the following:

ESG Strategy Development

  • Working closely with the Director, ESG Strategy, support the development and implementation of corporate ESG strategies for the extractives sector. Compile data, conduct peer benchmarking research and analysis, assist in establishing sustainability objectives, support the development of target-setting, develop action plans to meet targets, and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure ESG performance.
  • Assist in developing and implementing awareness and engagement campaigns to embed ESG across organizations and contribute to internal and external capacity building.
  • Play a prominent role in utilizing visual collaboration tools (e.g., Miro, Menti) to enable virtual participatory engagement that builds strategic alignment and consensus.

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 The Lundin Foundation is in search of a Manager, Climate Change, responsible for supporting the Foundation and associated Group of Companies in developing strategies and investment programs related to climate change.

Climate Change Services

  • Provide climate change services to Lundin Group companies to develop climate change strategy and reporting, carbon reduction and offset plans, target setting and communication strategies
  • Align reporting and disclosures with reporting frameworks, such as, the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures, and reporting standards including GRI, SASB, GHG Protocol and CDP.
  • Assist with reporting of climate-related information in financial filings in accordance with accounting standards

Knowledge sharing, capacity building and awareness-raising

  • Act as a conduit for sharing knowledge, tools and resources related to climate change
  • Synthesize emerging climate-related trends, policy and regulation, technologies and developments for corporate partners
  • Develop and deliver presentations and workshops for Lundin Group management teams to improve the understanding of climate-related impacts and mitigation strategies across the Lundin Group

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