Lundin Gold

Award-winning community development programs and sustainable mining practices.

Lundin Gold is committed to responsible development and has done so through award-winning community development programs and sustainable mining practices. In 2022, the Foundation worked closely with Lundin Gold to implement strategic community investments related to economic diversification and local supplier development. Additionally, the Foundation delivered training to build Lundin Gold’s capacity to implement their five-year sustainability strategy.

Lundin Gold and the Lundin Foundation have together implemented community programs that support women entrepreneurs, agricultural production for local and export markets, local supplier development and economic revenue generation for the Shuar Indigenous community. These joint programs supported 78 small businesses, farmer’s groups or agricultural cooperatives that generated $817,000 US in revenue.

Overall, 53 new jobs were created in the past year and contributed $500,000 US to the local economy through wages and purchases from local micro-enterprises. In addition, local suppliers participating in the program sold $291,000 US in goods and services to Lundin Gold.

Lundin Gold continues to implement its crosscutting sustainability strategy, developed with the Lundin Foundation, with robust plans and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to build upon the company’s impressive sustainability performance. The Foundation provided support to maximize the value of this monitoring and evaluation framework.

Looking ahead, Lundin Gold remains dedicated to ensuring responsible operations at Fruta del Norte and is committed to working with the Foundation to realize its vision of resilient local communities.

Partner Initiatives


Business development program for local suppliers focused on operations.

Soy Emprendedora

Business incubator designed for women entrepreneurs.


Enhanced market access and income opportunities for coffee, plantain and cocoa producers.

Shuar Cultural & Interpretation Centre

Capacity building and promotion of indigenous cultural and eco-tourism initiative.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs:

No Poverty
Innovation and Infrastructure
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Gender Equality
Quality Education