Strategic investments that catalyze local economies.

Lundin Gold has demonstrated that responsible mineral development is a powerful catalyst for sustainable development in Ecuador.

In preparation for the launch of operations at Fruta del Norte (FDN), the Foundation has worked closely with Lundin Gold to create tangible benefits for local communities.

Early investments in education and skills development have provided members of local and Indigenous communities with access to the training required for skilled positions at the mine. With the launch of operations, the first cohort of trainees – all living within 40 km of FDN — were hired in early 2019 as underground equipment and process plant operators.

Even before construction began, the nearby community was keen to benefit economically from all the activities at FDN. It was obvious, however, that it would not be possible to offer everyone a direct job or contract. The Foundation took a broad approach to stimulate economic diversification in the area of influence of the mine, to maximize the number of beneficiaries.

Impact that Multiplies

Catering Las Peñas (CLP), an award-winning catering and cleaning company launched by former Fruta del Norte cafeteria workers with the support of Lundin Gold and the Foundation, has leveraged its success to establish its own local supplier development program for agricultural producers. More than 80 small agricultural producers from the community now supply CLP with locally grown high-quality produce to meet the catering needs of the site camp.

In addition, the Foundation continues to support high-potential sectors not related to mining – such as dairy, coffee, cocoa and plantain production – by improving market opportunities and the production capacity of local producers. This effort has led to a significant increase in income for over 250 farm families and producers in communities around Fruta del Norte.

The Foundation and Lundin Gold have also collaborated with the Shuar Federation, an Indigenous community, to launch a multi-stakeholder cultural and tourism consortium. The consortium oversees the development of the Shuar Cultural Interpretation Centre, an Indigenous tourism business that promotes Shuar culture and provides the Shuar people with income-generating opportunities.

Partner Initiatives

High School Program

Accelerated high school equivalency program for local community

NEXO Local Supplier Development Program

Business development program for local suppliers

ECOLAC Dairy Producers

Technical assistance and financing to improve income for dairy farmers

APEOSAE Coffee and Cocoa Cooperative

Business and management training to improve incomes for coffee and cocoa producers

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: