Strategic investments that catalyze local economies.

Lundin Gold has demonstrated that responsible mineral development is a powerful catalyst for sustainable development in Ecuador.

Lundin Gold pioneers responsible mineral development in Ecuador with award-winning, sustainable mining practices. Despite the challenges 2020 presented, Lundin Gold and the Foundation’s flagship programs continued operations, demonstrating the perseverance of the entrepreneurs and the resilience of the partnerships.

In 2020, Lundin Gold and the Foundation’s joint initiatives enabled 520 small businesses to generate more than $10 million USD in revenue. The partnership supported 1,146 jobs, creating a significant contribution to beneficiaries’ household income.

To support suppliers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation developed digital tools, distributed personal protective equipment, and helped implement rigorous health and safety protocols. These measures enabled local producers to maintain operations while diversifying their local consumer base.

Catering Las Peñas, a locally owned company that provides catering and laundry services to the Fruta del Norte mine, made operational changes to maintain service and respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the partnership’s agricultural programs maintained their profitability by focusing on market diversification, online tools and new clients. Lundin Gold and the Foundation are proud of the resiliency of these entrepreneurs.

In 2020, the United Nations’ Global Compact Ecuador Network announced that Lundin Gold and Takataii, the Foundation-supported initiative to develop agricultural producers that supply Catering Las Peñas, each received Good Practice awards for exemplary work in the areas of education and food security.

Partner Initiatives


Business development program for local suppliers


Technical assistance and financing to improve income for local dairy producers


Enhanced market access and income opportunities for coffee, platain and cocoa producers

Shuar Cultural & Interpretation Centre

Capacity building and promotion of indigenous cultural and eco-tourism intiative

Advisory Services

Advisory support for the development of Lundin Gold’s sustainability strategy

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: