Fostering vibrant communities through diversified economic development.

Lundin Mining is committed to responsibly mining base metals vital to society while creating meaningful value for stakeholders.

The Foundation works closely with each of Lundin Mining’s sites and their stakeholders to increase capacity of regional suppliers, develop untapped business opportunities and foster community-led solutions for pressing social and environmental challenges.

Challenging the Status Quo

In Chile, the Inventa Comunidad program challenges community members to create and prototype solutions for pressing environmental and social challenges. We incubate the most viable businesses and help entrepreneurs bring their products to market. In 2018, every incubated business generated revenue and secured third-party funding, with numerous Inventa entrepreneurs being recognized through national awards.

In Portugal, the Foundation developed a training program for local companies to expand their businesses in partnership with the University of Lisbon. In Michigan, USA, the Foundation supported the Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund which provides financing to new entrepreneurs in Marquette County. To date, the fund has supported 38 early-stage entrepreneurs to access over $1.2M in loan financing. 

At Zinkgruvan Mine in southern Sweden, where the local community is long steeped in mining history, the focus has been on supporting young, aspiring entrepreneurs who want to have a social and environmental impact while ensuring the local community can attract and retain workforce talent. In 2018, the Foundation partnered with Alfred Nobel Science Park and Drivhuset to launch Zinkgruvan re:think, an entrepreneurship development program targeted at social and environmental solutions and youth entrepreneurship.

Partner Initiatives


Incubator program to support community led social and environmental innovation

Local Suppliers Program

Business training and access to finance for local suppliers

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Training program for local companies and entrepreneurs in partnership with the University of Lisbon

Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs

Loan guarantee fund supporting start-up entrepreneurs

Accelerate UP!

Long-term planning for business coaching program

Middle College

Long-term strategic planning for early college program

Powell Township and Big Bay

Enhancing economic opportunities through responsible tourism

Zinkgruvan re:think

Entrepreneurship Development Program for youth and environmental innovations

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: