Fostering vibrant communities through diversified economic development.

Lundin Mining is committed to responsibly mining base metals vital to society while creating meaningful value for stakeholders.

Lundin Mining commits to responsibly mining base metals vital to society while creating meaningful value for stakeholders. The Foundation works closely with each site to increase the capacity of regional suppliers, develop untapped business opportunities, and foster community-led, sustainable solutions.

In Chile, the Supplier Development Program (PDP) completed its third and final year, supporting the growth of 30 local businesses, generating over 870 local jobs and securing over $1.5 million in contracts with Candelaria.

In Portugal, economic diversification continued to be an essential priority to strengthen communities around the Neves-Corvo mine region.

In Michigan, USA, the Foundation worked alongside Eagle’s flagship programs to promote long-term sustainability. To support the development of local entrepreneurs, the Foundation assisted Big Bay to enhance community recreation assets and small business opportunities.

In Sweden, the Foundation contributes to social and environmental entrepreneurship through a business incubator that focuses on youth-led innovations.

Through these initiatives, Lundin Mining made important contributions supporting 85 small businesses that collectively generated $32M in local economic impact.

Partner Initiatives

Local Suppliers Program

Business training and access to finance for local suppliers

Regional Sustainability Assessment

Identifying energy access, water efficiency and waste management opportunities

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Second phase of training program for local companies and entreprenuers

Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund

Loan guarantee fund supporting start-up entrepreneurs

Zinkgruvan re:think

Entrepreneurship Development Program for youth-led social and environmental innovations


Incubator program to support community-led social and environmental innovation

Accelerate UP!

Long-term planning for business coaching program

Middle College

Long-term strategic planning for early college program

Powell Township and Big Bay

Enhancing economic opportunities through responsible tourism

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: