Fostering vibrant communities through diversified economic development.

Lundin Mining is committed to responsibly mining base metals vital to society while creating meaningful value for stakeholders.

Lundin Mining commits to responsibly mining base metals vital to society while creating meaningful value for stakeholders. The company develops programs to cultivate diverse local business opportunities, build local capacity and forge community-led solutions.

In 2020, Lundin Mining and the Foundation collaborated to deliver joint programs supporting 180 small businesses that collectively generated $34 million USD in local economic impact and supported 1,440 local jobs.

In Chile, the partnership helped diversify the local economy through the expansion of the Punta Frodden seafood processing plant. The Foundation provided technical assistance, capacity building, and marine conservation and rehabilitation programs. The Inventa program supported regional start-ups, 50% led by women, to launch innovations in renewable energy, diversity and inclusion, and waste reduction.

The Foundation and Eagle Mine in Michigan helped the Big Bay community launch a responsible tourism brand that promotes economic development and leverages community recreation assets.

In Sweden, the Foundation supported small business COVID-19 recovery efforts by launching a specialized training program for small businesses located in Askersund Municipality.

Lundin Mining helped prepare schools in Brazil to deliver education safely through a contribution to UNICEF Canada via the Foundation.

Partner Initiatives


Community-led social and environmental innovation program

Eagle Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund

Loan guarantee fund supporting start-up entrepreneurs

Big Bay Responsible Tourism Initiative

Economic opportunity enhancement through responsible tourism

Zinkgruvan re:think

Entrepreneurship Development Program for youth-led social and environmental innovations

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: