About Us

Established in 2006, the Lundin Foundation is a Canadian non-profit created by Lukas Lundin, who had a vision for Lundin Companies to make lasting benefits for communities impacted by resource operations.

Our History

Since its inception, the Lundin Foundation has supported the Lundin Group of Companies in the design and development of sustainability strategies and community initiatives. We have also been an early impact investor into high potential social enterprises across Africa. Our key milestones include:

Our Story

The Foundation is established and supported by contributions from the Lundin Group of Companies.

Our roots begin in Africa, supporting grant-based initiatives where Lundin Group of Companies operate.


Our Story

Recognizing the importance of small business growth in Africa, the Foundation expands into impact investing targeting three sectors – Access to Energy, Agriculture and Financial Inclusion.

Our Story

First impact investments closed while the Foundation continues to provide on-going support to strategic grant programs.

Key Achievements

Close of first impact investments into two innovative funds:

  • Investment into Central Africa SME fund which offers debt and equity into frontier markets in Central Africa.
  • Seeded the launch of Injaro Agricultural Capital, an agricultural SME fund focused in Africa. As an anchor investor, the Foundation helps Injaro reach a $50M final close in 2014.

The Foundation participates at the inaugural Investors Council meeting at the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).

Our Story

Portfolio of impact investments and strategic grants in Africa continues to expand.

Key Achievements

Inauguration of Mauritania School of Mines.

Inauguration of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at MCM Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and ICU nurse training program.

Launch of female-led Smallholder Mohotlong Poultry Farm, Lesotho.

First direct impact investment. Close of first equity investment into Rent to Own, a micro-leasing company serving small businesses in Zambia.

Investing in the African Management Initiative (AMI), a training platform to develop the next generation of African managers reaching over 25,000 managers.

Our Story

Portfolio of impact investments and strategic grants in Africa continues to expand.

Key Achievements

Investment into M-KOPA:

  • Series B investor into one of the world’s most prominent Pay-As-You-Go renewable home energy companies. M-Kopa has since enabled over $3M people to gain access to clean energy across Africa.

Partnership with Global Affairs Canada:

  • Secured $4M partnership commitment from Global Affairs Canada to fund technical assistance for small agricultural SMES in Africa.
Our Story

Portfolio of impact investments and strategic grants in Africa continues to expand.

Key Achievements

OECD invites the Foundation to join Net>>FWD, a network of leading global foundations carrying out venture philanthropy.

Our Story

Transition to a corporate Foundation dedicated to supporting strategic community investments of the Lundin Group of Companies, leveraging track record in impact investing.

Support focus in four key areas:  Education and Skills Training, Local Supplier Development, Economic Diversification, and Social and Environmental innovation.

Key Achievements

Launch of strategic programs in Africa, Scandinavia, South East Asia and Latin America.

Inaugural Lundin Group Sustainability Summit held in Vancouver, Canada.

Recipient of the Mission Investor of the Year Award by MaRs Social Finance forum for impact investment track record.

Our Story

Corporate partnership programs are expanded in Africa, Latin America, Scandinavia and the US.

Key Achievements

UN Global Compact Colombia and Ecuador – SDG Award

  • Lundin Gold wins UN Global Compact award for the launch of Catering Las Peñas, a local supplier development initiative implemented in partnership with the Foundation.
Our Story

Launch of 5-year strategy to leverage experience and track record into advising and guiding the Lundin Group of Companies on strategic community investments and ESG performance.

Key Achievements

Green Virtue Award

  • Global Environment Fund/UN Environment Program and the Government of Honduras recognizes the Foundation for environmentally sustainable practices in artisanal mining.

UN Global Compact Canada – SDG Leadership Award

  • Lundin Gold wins award for Training for Operations and Local Supplier Development programs, two initiatives delivered in partnership with the Foundation.
Our Story

In 2020, sustainability professionals across the Lundin Group came together to tackle pressing topics of climate change, sustainability reporting and disclosure, and several aspects of COVID-19 responses. As a result of the dedication and innovative practices across the Lundin Group, we were able to support our community partners in diverse areas, including:

Key Achievements
  • COVID Protocols and Resources
  • Health and Safety Practices
  • Crisis Communication
  • Local Business Support
  • Virtual Engagement Technique
Our Story

Focus and development of pro-active ESG strategies leading to improved ESG reporting, innovation, attracting and retaining talent, and raising the collective ESG performance across the Lundin companies.

Key Achievements
  • Working with partners to align with global best practices for sustainability reporting and disclosure (e.g., GRI, SASB, TCFD), meeting or exceeding investor expectations and ESG rating agency requirements.
  • ESG working groups that brought together sustainability professionals for professional development sessions tackling climate risk and opportunities, decarbonization, rating agencies, diversity, equity & inclusion, and responsible sourcing.
  • The Foundation committed $4.9M to 19 initiatives in 10 countries.
Our Story

ESG and Community Development expertise firmly established within a growing and diverse Foundation team. Knowledge sharing demonstrates the depth, capacity and dedication across the Lundin Companies to address sustainability challenges and build meaningful connections and solutions.

Key Achievements
  • In 2022, our community programs supported budding entrepreneurs, local small businesses and their employees, contributing to long-term economic impacts in communities around Lundin operations.

  • The Foundation invested $5.3 M US in 18 community programs in six countries.

  • 65 ESG working group sessions were delivered to corporate and site-level employees across Lundin Companies.