Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team spans the globe convening knowledge and best practices with the support of our corporate partners to ensure communities impacted by resource operations flourish. Essential to our success is the deep collaborative relationships formed with community members. Here, human potential propers alongside economic sustainability and best practices in environmental impact.

Paul Conibear


Mr. Conibear is a professional engineer who brings more than 30 years of senior leadership experience from predominantly developing countries. Mr. Conibear is the former President and CEO of Lundin Mining and President and CEO of Tenke Mining Corporation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mr. Conibear serves as a Director of several Lundin Group companies and is a founding Board Member of the Lundin Foundation.

Ron Hochstein


The current President and Chief Executive Officer of Lundin Gold Inc., Mr. Hochstein, has worked for the Lundin family directly and as a consultant for more than 20 years and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Denison Mines Corporation from 2009 to 2015. Mr. Hochstein is Director of Lundin Gold Inc., Denison Mines Corp., and Josemaria Resources Inc.

Kristen Mariuzza


Kristen is a professional engineer who brings more than 25 years of experience in government, consulting and private industry, including 15 years within the field of mining in various operational and corporate functions. She currently serves as Lundin Mining’s Senior Vice President of Health, Safety and Sustainability. Prior to joining the LMC corporate team in 2020, Kristen was integral in the permitting, construction, commissioning and operation of Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine, where she successfully led the team as Managing Director for several years.  Kristen has served as a director on several not-for-profit boards and holds an ESG Board Designation from Competent Boards.

Adam Lundin


Mr. Adam Lundin has many years of experience in capital markets and public company management across the natural resources sector. His background includes oil & gas and mining technology, investment advisory, international finance and executive management. He began his career working for several Lundin Group mining companies in various countries before moving into finance, where he specialized in institutional equity sales, ultimately becoming co-head of the London office for an international securities firm. Mr. Lundin formerly served as President, CEO and a Director of Josemaria Resources Inc., President and CEO of Filo Mining and a director of Lundin Energy AB (now, Orrön Energy AB). Mr. Lundin currently serves as a director and Chair of the Boards of Filo Mining Corp. and Lundin Mining Corporation. Mr. Lundin also serves as a director of NGEx Minerals Ltd. and Lucara Diamond Corp. 

Jack Lundin


Mr. Jack Lundin has been involved in the natural resource industry his entire life through exposure to several Lundin Group companies and mentorship under his late father and grandfather, Lukas Lundin and Adolf Lundin, respectively, and Ian Lundin. He began his career in the sector working prospecting jobs on various early-stage projects in Canada, Russia, Ireland and Portugal. After graduating, he worked as a commercial analyst for Lundin Norway AS., a subsidiary of Lundin Petroleum AB and was most recently involved in the successful execution of Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte (FDN) Gold Mine in southern Ecuador where he served as the Project Superintendent, gaining experience in mine project development from 2016 to 2019. In January 2020, Mr. Lundin was appointed President, CEO and Director of Bluestone Resources Inc. On December 6, 2022, when Jack was appointed President of Lundin Mining Corporation, he stepped down as President and CEO of Bluestone but remains on the Board. Jack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Chapman University and a Master of Engineering degree in Mineral Resource Engineering from the University of Arizona.  Jack also serves as Non-Executive Chair of the Board of Lundin Gold Inc. and serves on the board of The University of Arizona’s Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources. 


William Lundin


Mr. William Lundin is the Chief Operating Officer for International Petroleum Corp. (“IPC”), an international oil and gas exploration and production company with a portfolio of assets located in Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia. Prior to being employed by IPC, William worked in various field positions within the Lundin Group and brings with him a wealth of technical expertise. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Alberta and holds a Bachelor of Mineral Resource Engineering from Dalhousie University. Mr. Lundin currently serves as Chair and a Director of Africa Energy Corp. and a Director of ShaMaran Petroleum Corp.  

Erin Johnston


Ms. Johnston serves as Managing Director of the Lundin Foundation. She draws upon twenty years of experience overseeing community development projects and advising companies on ESG issues to reduce non-technical risks of resource development projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Ms. Johnston previously oversaw British Columbia’s investment in skills training and leading programs for youth, women and Aboriginal participants. She has a Master of Arts in International Leadership from Simon Fraser University and an Executive Leadership Certificate from the UBC Sauder School of Business.

Oksana Kielbasinski

Director ESG Strategy

Ms. Kielbasinski leads the development of ESG strategies at the Lundin Foundation. As an ESG and Sustainability specialist, Ms. Kielbasinski brings nearly 15 years of solutions, lessons, ideas, and relationships from over 100 client engagements spanning all corners of the extractives sector. Ms. Kielbasinski is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Emerging Leaders Clean50 and Young Women in Energy Awards.

Catherine Tegelberg

Director, Community Economic Development

Ms. Tegelberg leads the community economic development programming for the Lundin Foundation. Ms. Tegelberg has worked in site and corporate roles in the mining industry for over a decade, developing social performance policy and practice in projects and operations in North and South America and Africa. She has expertise in community investment, local procurement, stakeholder and Indigenous engagement and cultural heritage management.

Michael Morris

Director Climate Change Services

Mr. Morris leads the development of climate strategies and solutions at the Lundin Foundation. He brings over 13 years of climate and ESG strategy experience in mining, energy, and many other industries. Before joining the Lundin Foundation, Mr. Morris was the British Columbia Market Leader of EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team, where he helped his clients better understand, articulate, and perform on their climate commitments and priorities.

Jessica Knutson

Manager, Climate Change & ESG Services

Ms. Knutson brings considerable experience advising clients across industries in developing and refining their approaches to address climate change. In her previous role as a Manager in EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice, she leveraged her technical understanding to help clients navigate the evolving industry. With the growing significance of ESG issues to investors (including climate change), Jessica supported clients on their ESG strategy, governance and reporting. She also served as a lead auditor for numerous ESG assurance engagements, including voluntary ESG reporting frameworks and regulatory greenhouse gas. Jessica has worked extensively in the extractives sector (oil and gas and mining) and performed site visits to a large number of operations across Canada.

Tanya Cairns


Tanya is the Senior Manager of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy at the Lundin Foundation. She brings nearly 15 years of experience in sustainability and regulatory consulting, primarily focused in the resource extraction sectors.  In her previous role as Vice President of Science and Consulting at Integrated Sustainability, one of the fastest-growing advisory and engineering companies in Canada, Tanya was responsible for the Water Resources, Environment, Regulatory, ESG and Decarbonization Teams. She has significant technical expertise in ESG, water security and vulnerability to climate change and is passionate about helping companies develop meaningful sustainability strategies that create long-term value.

Tamara Aravena

Senior Manager, Program Design and Impact

Ms. Aravena brings over a decade of experience in a wide range of social and economic project development in the mining industry. She oversees the delivery of impact management advisory services to the Foundation’s corporate partners and the design and implementation of strategic initiatives in the areas of economic diversification, local procurement, and social & environmental innovation.

Sebastian Perez

Senior Manager, Sustainability and Reporting

Mr. Perez draws on over a decade of experience in corporate sustainability strategies, systems and reporting, community development programs, impact finance, responsible sourcing and human rights. He has experience working with multiple sectors, such as oil and gas, mining and energy, in complex social and environmental contexts, directly engaging with vulnerable populations, ethnic groups and conflict-affected communities. Mr. Perez holds Ecuadorian and Colombian citizenship.

Diana Castillo

Manager, Sustainability and Reporting

Ms. Castillo brings over thirteen years of experience designing, implementing, and reporting corporate ESG strategies in the energy sector. Her experience includes work on decarbonization and climate change strategies, social investment programs, sustainable supply chain initiatives, human rights, diversity, ESG capacity building, and stakeholder engagement. She was a Board Member of the Canacol Foundation Entretejiendo and currently serves as a member of the General Assembly of Profamilia, a non-profit organization that promotes respect for sexual and reproductive rights in Colombia.

Ana Lucia Jaramillo


Ms. Jaramillo joined the office of the Lundin Foundation in Ecuador to lead a strategy supporting local suppliers and producers of the Fruta del Norte project. She has extensive experience in business administration, project management, corporate relations and relationship management between organizations and stakeholders such as communities, government entities and suppliers. She has been in charge of value chain and business sector development and participated in the management of capacity building and training initiatives. She is a successful moderator and coordinator of round tables, dialogues and community negotiation processes. Ms. Jaramillo has a BA in Business Administration, with emphasis in project management.

Marcos De La Iglesia

Program Manager, Argentina

Mr. De la Iglesia leads community projects in Argentina and supports implementing programs for developing local suppliers and entrepreneurs and local capacities for employment. He has more than twenty years of experience in the mining industry, having worked for four mine start-ups in Argentina and developed his expertise in local communities through work in Human Resources and Community Relations. In addition, he is a Sociologist and holds an MBA from Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid and a Master’s in Negotiation from Belgrano University in Buenos Aires.

Roberto Dieguez Coronado

Manager, Supplier Development, Guatemala

Mr. Dieguez is the Lundin Foundation’s representative in Guatemala and is responsible for community development programming and relationship management in the country. He has more than a dozen years of experience in developing, implementing and auditing environmental and social management systems and programs, and has expertise in conflict resolution. He has overseen projects in the areas of public health, education, and nutrition, as well as small-business development and job training, to promote a better quality of life – and better livelihoods – in communities near mining and palm oil projects. He is a strategic thinker with a lot of experience in bringing out the best in his colleagues and collaborators, to help companies and communities achieve their goals. Mr. Dieguez holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Juliana Marquez

Sustainability Advisor

As a Sustainability Advisor, Juliana Marquez Mancini brings over a decade of experience in corporate sustainability strategies and communications. She has held key roles in the extractive and media industries, leveraging experience developing multi-sector partnerships with international organizations and community investment programs. Juliana holds a Master of Science in International Development Studies from Utrecht University with field studies in Rwanda, a BA in Government and International Relations and complementary certifications in Business and Human Rights. Juliana is a Colombian and Italian citizen.