Unlocking the Potential of Entrepreneurs

Our work unlocks the potential of local communities and creates a ripple effect on employment, household incomes, supply chain purchases and beyond.

In 2019 with the support of our corporate partners, we saw our investments have a catalytic effect in the communities in which we serve. These investments are helping entrepreneurs grow, mature, and scale their solutions into the future.

Our investments supported 703 small businesses which generated $55M in revenue, a 45% annual increase. These businesses supported 2,776 jobs and helped communities earn $9.6M USD in household income, a 51% increase from 2018. With our partners, we also supported 230 women-led businesses and helped launch 85 social and environmental innovations.

We invest in strategic training programs to assist members of local communities to obtain industry relevant skills and qualify for employment opportunities.

In 2019, our programs trained

545 people

in industry-relevant skills.

The programs graduated

370 people
93% graduation rate.

Nearly 70% of graduates were employed within 2 months.

We are proud to have supported small, growing businesses with financial investments and expertise. This has led to great successes in the communities in which we serve.

In 2019, we supported

384 small businesses

which generated $14.5M USD in revenue.


of the supported business were led by women.

These businesses resulted in

local household earning $2.5M USD

in income.


$1M USD in purchases

were made from local family-run farms.

Our investments in training and financing help local businesses become contract-ready making a significant impact on local supply chains.

We helped over

203 small businesses

become suppliers.

These suppliers secured

$14.5M USD

in commercial contracts with Lundin Group Companies and supported

1,495 jobs.

Our investments in supporting social and environmental businesses and incubator programs help unlock the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of local communities. This has been essential to finding unique solutions to social and environmental challenges.

We trained

724 local entrepreneurs

and helped 85 social and environmental solutions get off the ground.

Over 65%

generated first revenue by the end of the program.

Supported businesses generated

$2.2M USD in revenue.

Our early investments leveraged

$8.4M USD

in follow-up funding.




UN Global Compact Canada SDG Leadership Award

in partnership with Lundin Gold.

Green Virtue Award

Global Environment Fund and UN Environment Program.

Upstream Oil and Gas – Kenya

Nominated by International Finance Corporation.

Mining, Materials and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Book

Contributor to the chapter on UN SDG 4 – Quality Education.

Our Approach to Impact Management

In 2019, the Foundation implemented its impact management practices across all strategic initiatives, undertook post-program assessments, captured gender-disaggregated data and conducted its first mid-year impact review. The Foundation also supported corporate partners to adopt good practices in impact management for corporate community investments. The Foundation continues to identify how we can better define, measure and strengthen the impact of our work.