Unlocking the Potential of Entrepreneurs

Our work unlocks the potential of local communities and creates a ripple effect on employment, household incomes, supply chain purchases and beyond.

2018 was an exceptional year. Together with our corporate partners, we committed $7.1M USD towards 41 initiatives around the world. These initiatives have had a catalytic effect in the communities in which we operate expanding employment and economic opportunities and propelling lasting solutions into the future.

We invest in strategic training programs to assist members of local communities to obtain industry relevant skills and qualify for employment opportunities.

In 2018, our programs trained

539 people

in industry-relevant skills.

The programs had a

graduation rate.

The vast majority of graduates report improved incomes and opportunities post graduation.

We are proud to have supported small, growing businesses with financial investments and expertise. This has led to great successes in the communities in which we serve.

In 2018, we supported

385 small businesses.

Collectively these small businesses have generated

$38.5M USD

in revenue and are supporting

2,910 jobs.

These jobs have resulted in

$6.1M USD

in household incomes.

Our investments in training and financing help local businesses become contract-ready making a significant impact on local supply chains.

We helped over

100 small businesses become suppliers.

These suppliers secured

$16.1M USD

in commercial contracts with Lundin Group Companies.

Our investments help unlock the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity of local communities. This has been essential to finding unique solutions to social and environmental challenges.

We helped

51 social and environmental solutions

get off the ground.

We leveraged

$8.3M USD

in additional funding from other investors and funders.

Our Approach to Impact Management

In 2018, the Foundation revamped how we measure impact. After an extensive review of the emerging best practices, we subscribe to the Impact Management Project principles – the global consensus on how to measure, compare and report ESG risks and positive impact – and view impact as a management strategy. Just as the broader field of impact management is evolving, we undertake continuous improvement to how we define, measure and apply the impact of our work.