Lucara Diamond Corp.

Strengthening local entrepreneurial capacity and livelihoods.

Lucara Diamond Corp. (Lucara) believes sustainability is a long-term commitment that requires focus and discipline to help drive continuous improvements in all areas of its business. Fundamental to its success as an organization, the company strives to deliver broad-based, lasting economic and social benefits to all its stakeholders and communities.

Lucara’s contributions to the development of local communities extend beyond creating jobs. At the core of their community projects is an ethos to empower and strengthen local entrepreneurial capacity, develop community infrastructure, and support community-driven initiatives. For example, support of the Mokubilo Cooperative Society in Botswana led to the successful operations of their community-led commercial farm – Mokubilo Farm.

Initially launched with the support of the Lundin Foundation, the Mokubilo Cooperative Society received technical support, start-up capital and governance and management training for the board and farm management. Since 2018, 3.5 hectares have been cultivated to target malnutrition and youth unemployment in Mokubilo village, which has a population of 2,245. The Mokubilo farm now employs seven locals who received $9,571 in wages paid during 2022. Last year four schools were reached by this farm, which involves 2,030 students. Last year the farm had 867 chickens for egg production.

In 2022, building on the success of historical community initiatives, the Foundation supported in the design of a social impact framework focused on three strategic areas relevant to its operations. Going forward, Lucara and the Foundation look forward to collaboratively engaging in developing and implementing the social impact framework, building capacity across its organization for ESG disclosure and reporting, and developing Lucara’s climate strategy.

Partner Initiatives

Key Performance Indicators

Capacity building on measuring outcomes of community investment programs

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs:

Decent Work and Economic Growth
Zero Hunger
No Poverty