Strengthening local entrepreneurial capacity and livelihoods.

Lucara’s contributions to the development of local communities goes beyond creating jobs.

Essential to Lucara’s core values is creating positive economic and social benefits by partnering with local communities. 

The Lundin Foundation and Lucara Botswana worked together to strengthen local entrepreneurial capacity, develop community infrastructure and support community-driven initiatives that promote economic diversification.

In the Central District of Botswana where Lucara’s Karowe mine is located,  the small villages located around Letlhakane have a strong sense of entrepreneurship and community spirit and are highly dependent on livestock for livelihoods. Our support in Botswana evolved from an initial focus on individual entrepreneurs, through the Karowe Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund, to a focus on initiatives that have the potential to generate widespread community benefits. With a goal of supporting small scale livestock producers, we have provided multi-year support to upgrade the Letlhakane Abattoir.

This collaboration allowed us to focus on local livelihoods highly dependent on raising livestock, and a modern abattoir would play a critical part in improving the incomes of these producers.

Putting Success in the Hands of the Community

In 2018, the Foundation in collaboration with Lucara Botswana supported Mokubilo Cooperative Society to launch a community-owned commercial farm in Mokubilo village. Villagers had long recognized the importance of such an enterprise, as the increasing cost of nutritious food had been undermining community health and wellbeing for some time. The community’s persistence in attempting to address this issue eventually paid off. The Foundation’s financial support and technical advice helped bring the farm to life.  By harnessing community spirit and vision, the farm is creating jobs for residents and providing affordable and nutritious food for schools and the broader community.

Partner Initiatives

Karowe Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund

Business development program and seed fund for high potential start up entrepreneurs

Letlhakane Abattoir

Infrastructure upgrade and management capacity building

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: