Strengthening local entrepreneurial capacity and livelihoods.

Lucara’s contributions to the development of local communities goes beyond creating jobs.

Lucara Diamond’s contributions to the development of the local communities extend beyond creating jobs. Lucara works to strengthen local entrepreneurial capacity, develop community infrastructure and support community-driven initiatives. In 2019, Lucara Botswana announced the underground expansion of the Karowe mine, which will expand mine life by 15 years to the benefit of local communities.

In 2019, with the dual aim of long-term sustainability and enhancing Lucara Botswana community investment team capacity, the Foundation transitioned management of strategic community investments to Lucara Botswana. Lucara Botswana continues to support the Mokubilo Cooperative Society to operate a community-led commercial farm. The Foundation provided initial technical support, start-up capital and governance and management training to the board and farm management.

After aiding in the operations launch and initial sales, the Foundation transitioned project management to Lucara Botswana’s community investment team, which helped the farm establish a solid commercial foundation.

Staffed by members of the community, more than half of whom are women, the farm offers access to fresh, healthy food that was previously unaffordable to many locals. In 2019, the farm reached operational profitability. It offers improved nutrition to four local schools and more than 2,100 students. The core of the community projects lies in the hands of the community, which continues to power it toward a brighter, healthier future.

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