Josemaria Project

Setting the example for copper projects in Argentina.

The Josemaria Project is wholly owned and operated by Lundin Mining’s Argentinian subsidiary. Josemaria works in partnership with the Lundin Foundation to lay the groundwork for best practices in responsible mineral development and community investments.

Josemaria is committed to investing in programs that align with leading international environmental and social sustainability standards, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to its values of safety, respect, integrity and excellence.

In 2022, the Foundation worked closely with Josemaria to design the company’s sustainability strategy, strengthen its management standards and set up robust reporting processes. In collaboration with the Josemaria team, the Foundation completed the company’s first ESG data collection process across departments.

The Foundation also implemented programs to help communities prepare for economic opportunities in future phases of the project. This included a local workforce assessment, legal and accounting support for local businesses, technical assistance for small businesses and the launch of a green business initiative. As a result of these efforts, 32 small businesses achieved formalization, and over 55 people were trained in different business management and agro-production techniques.

The Foundation also worked with Josemaria in 2022 to develop a roadmap to guide its ongoing climate and decarbonization strategy. Through engagement with a cross-functional group of stakeholders, the Foundation helped Josemaria develop an internal plan to manage and minimize emissions at the design stage of the project. A climate working group was established to provide ongoing stewardship of this effort.

In 2023, the Foundation will continue to support Josemaria with local procurement, training, economic diversification, circular economy, and decarbonization strategy execution in the lead-up to construction.

Partner Initiatives

SME Training Program

Training for local small businesses to strengthen their practices and build markets.


Local supplier prequalification process for Josemaria's supply chain.

Impulso Program

Supporting local companies to strengthen their business models and meet Josemaria's standards.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs:

Innovation and Infrastructure
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Gender Equality
No Poverty