Laying the groundwork for responsible resource development and lasting community benefits

Bluestone Resources is driving stakeholder value through responsible, sustainable and innovative development.

Bluestone Resources leads the way for sustainable resource development in Guatemala by advancing the Cerro Blanco high-grade gold project and Mita Geothermal renewable energy project. As a values-based company, Bluestone commits to investing in its people and local communities, operating safely and sustainably, utilizing innovation, and respecting the natural environment.

In 2020, the Foundation began working with Bluestone to support the company’s sustainability priorities and develop programs to provide economic benefits for local communities during construction and into operations.

Collaborating closely with Bluestone, the Foundation assists in building the framework for community investment and developing sustainability management and reporting practices. Together, the team forges partnerships with international organizations to create programs of mutual interest.

The Foundation leverages its award-winning track record and experience with other Lundin Group companies to collaborate with Bluestone to develop local content programs for training, hiring, and procurement to maximize benefits for local communities. Together, Bluestone and the Foundation pave the way for creating shareholder value through sustainable resource development.

Partner Initiatives

International Standards

Alignment with international sustainability standards.

Strategy & Communications

Integrated sustainability strategy, in-country communications plan, and interim sustainability report.

Local Content

Local training, hiring and procurement programs for construction.

Social Investment & Parternships

Local socioeconomic development programs and partnerships.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: