Tech companies tackle energy consumption, sustainable buildings and the circular economy.

November 25, 2021 by Sarah Tesla

The Lundin Foundation is proud to feature three of Katapult’s new portfolio companies recently selected for the first Katapult Climate Accelerator Program. Sally R, Frame and RECYCLINK.COM are tackling crucial problems that impact our planet such as energy consumption, sustainable buildings, and the transition to a circular economy. 

About Katapult 

Katapult is a global investment and accelerator vehicle based in Oslo, Norway that aims to fast-track solutions to global problems. Over the last 4 years, they have evaluated more than 12.500 startups and invested in and accelerated 90 startups from 32 different countries through the verticals Katapult Accelerator (general impact tech) and Katapult Ocean (ocean tech).   

The Foundation receives an annual financial contribution from Lundin Energy, a key part of their decarbonization strategy, to make impact investments that support high potential, early-stage businesses that advance zero and low-carbon innovations at scale. 

Meet Sally R 

We spend 90% of our time indoors, but 7 million people are still dying every year as a direct result of air pollution. Today, IAQ-levels of our inside air is controlled by ventilating buildings, creating an air exchange with the outside air. Not only does this require a high level of energy consumption, which is significant for the whole building (30-50% of the total building energy consumption), but often buildings are left vulnerable to outside air pollution. 
To address indoor air pollution, Sally R offers both a cloud optimization service and a carbon capture solution. The cloud optimization service integrates into existing air systems, allowing optimization of HVAC performance, leading to energy savings and improved air quality. The carbon capture solution provides indoor farms with CO2-enrichment through an uncomplicated, low-maintenance product that promises increased yields and sustainability. 
Not only do Sally R’s offerings improve public health but they also hold the ability to limit carbon footprints. Sally-R’s cloud optimization service reduces energy consumption by 40-60%. When adding carbon capture to a building’s HVAC-system, energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 80%. The carbon which is captured can easily be distributed to indoor farming facilities, boosting crop growth and reducing the demand for industrially produced CO2. #SDG11 #SDG3 #SDG12 #SDG13 

Meet Frame 

The construction industry is both aware of its environmental shortcomings and the growing demand for more sustainable buildings. A significant problem lies in the complex and time-consuming nature of mapping and managing sustainability in construction projects. 
Frame provides a digital platform that allows companies to design, manage, and document the sustainability of their construction project from start to finish. Through mapping sustainability ambitions with measurable criteria, companies can achieve their desired construction projects – without compromising on either creativity, quality, or economy. 
Frame wants to create an open standard of sustainability that allows companies to integrate with other construction standards and systems. The platform seeks to create a world where there is no excuse for not building sustainably. 



For the world to transition to a circular economy, all waste must be managed transparently and undergo greener treatment. The industrial waste management sector is an underdeveloped market with limited tools and guidance to help companies meet standards and regulations. This makes it complicated and time-consuming for companies and institutions that wish to improve their waste management.

Recylink is a platform for the sustainable management of industrial waste, allowing companies and institutions to manage all the stakeholders associated with their waste and add environmentally friendly suppliers from the Marketplace. The solution digitizes and manages responsible waste management, allowing every aspect to be traceable, personalized, and centralized. In addition, the Marketplace generates connections with more players, increasing the volume of recovery by presenting different circular options when managing any kind of waste.

Recylink’s platform will help waste generators to reutilize, recycle and recover energy, aiding the overall goal for the world economy to be more circular and waste-conscious. By tracking responsible waste disposal and developing circular ecosystems in different territories, local suppliers are empowered. Furthermore, the platform measures the environmental impact of tonnage saved, which not only has a positive environmental impact but will also combat the existence of illegal landfill spaces affecting local communities. #SDG12 #SDG11 #SDG9

Learn more at Katapults upcoming Investor Day on December 14, 2021 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm CET.