Real-time data analytics help companies to track energy consumption

November 16, 2021 by Sarah Tesla

The Lundin Foundation is proud to feature one of Katapult’s new portfolio companies, Wattnow,  who are addressing the critical problem of energy waste. They are one of the 8 tech entrepreneurs working to advance zero and low carbon solutions at scale through the launch of The Climate Accelerator Program and are tackling how a staggering 30% of the energy used in buildings is wasted and energy prices continue to rise. Their focus is on the lack of consumer access to consumption and efficiency tracking systems.

About Katapult 

Katapult is a global investment and accelerator vehicle based in Oslo, Norway that aims to fast-track solutions to global problems. Over the last 4 years, they have evaluated more than 12.500 startups and invested in and accelerated 90 startups from 32 different countries through the verticals Katapult Accelerator (general impact tech) and Katapult Ocean (ocean tech).   

The Foundation receives an annual financial contribution from Lundin Energy, a key part of their decarbonization strategy, to make impact investments that support high potential, early-stage businesses that advance zero and low-carbon innovations at scale. 



Through the use of smart sensors and real-time data analytics, Wattnow offers a complete energy monitoring solution for both businesses and private homes with an easy and accessible interface enabled by smart algorithms that work tirelessly to provide you with actionable, data-driven insights, and recommendations.




The mass adoption of Wattnow’s smart energy management systems would set a new standard for energy monitoring and in turn create a less pollutive and more efficient energy sector. Wattnow’s offering is a key tool in meeting #SDG12



Founder Issam Smaali, says, “At Wattnow we strive to help all our partners and clients, as well as local communities, reach that specific area where energy is no longer wasted and is managed in a more responsible, efficient and sustainable way.”




Learn more at Katapults upcoming Investor Day on December 14, 2021 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm CET.