Promoting women’s development and economic independence in Ecuador

October 7, 2021 by Ana Lucia Jaramillo

The Lundin Foundation and Lundin Gold are working together to promote women’s development and economic independence by supporting Amazon Women’s Coffee.

This is an initiative that seeks to recognize entrepreneurship programs led by female coffee and cacao producers from the APEOSAE Federation.  Three participants were awarded a $6000USD seed capital fund as well as a technical assistance program. Supporting a female entrepreneur generates a catalyzing effect as it benefits her family, her community, and serves as an inspiration for other women. 

In 2017 Lundin Foundation created a consortium to support the development of this program to support the producer´s economic independence during the time of the year where there was no coffee production.  

At the end of 2020 the project finally launched with a call for proposals with Lundin Foundation and Lundin Gold’s economic support rising to an estimate of $30k. 


The first 22 candidates participated in a general capacity-building program with the objective of building new business ideas. After this first program, they were evaluated and 11 candidates continued on to the next program module focused on strengthening their business model. Finally, these 11 candidates presented their projects to a jury, and three finalists were granted seed capital and additional technical assistance for a period of six months. 

The criteria on which the evaluation was based: entrepreneurial profile (25%), social impact profile (25%), business idea and model (50%). 

The seed capital will be invested in the project model that was presented to the jury, and it will be monitored by the experts that will be providing the technical assistance and by the manager of the consortium.