Stories of Social and Environmental Innovation, “Building the Atacama of the Future”

July 14, 2021 by Sarah Tesla

Today (July 14), at 4:00 pm, a book of stories, “Building the Atacama of the Future,” will be launched, showcasing social innovators from the Atacama Region of Chile. The stories feature three generations of participants from the Social and Environmental Innovation Program “Inventa Comunidad” supported by Minera Candelaria and the Lundin Foundation.   

About the Book   

A pioneering initiative born in northern Chile, this compilation of work documents the experiences of program participants from the Inventa Comunidad Program from the Atacama region. Stories from eleven entrepreneurs from the province of Copiapó seek to amplify social innovation as a tool for change — linking and responding to new economies and ways of doing business.  

Project Background 

The Inventa program, implemented in partnership with the Lundin Foundation, Lundin Mining’s Candelaria Mine and Chrysalis — provides training, technical assistance, coaching and start-up capital to support entrepreneurs in the Atacama region of Chile to launch businesses that solve a local social or environmental challenge.   

Community members completed an entrepreneurship boot camp culminating in the most promising innovations being selected to proceed to a business incubator program. To date, over 1130 people have completed the program.   

Successful entrepreneurs developed a business plan, had access to specialized resources, prototyped their innovations, marketed their businesses, and pitched to investors to successfully launch their businesses.  

Book Launch Event Details  

The book launch is open to the community and will be broadcast via Facebook Live and Instagram via Cowork Atacama and Minera Candelaria. In addition, the launch will feature a presentation on the circular economy and the fourth industrial revolution given by Petar Ostojic, a leader in promoting these topics in Latin America.   

To be part of this event, register at or at the following link Those who participate can access the book “Building the Atacama of the Future” in digital format.