Lundin Foundation to be Awarded PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award

March 7, 2023 by Erin Johnston

The Lundin Foundation is proud to be awarded tonight the PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award for creating an organization funded by mining revenue with the sole purpose of providing lasting benefits for communities surrounding Lundin Group companies’ operations.


The Lundin Foundation is a Canadian non-profit supporting Lundin companies to improve sustainability performance and develop strategic community investments that mobilize local economic opportunities and benefit communities surrounding Lundin operations. The Foundation brings together sustainability professionals from across Lundin companies to share learnings and good practices, raising the bar for all Lundin companies in the areas of sustainability performance and community development.   

The PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award honours an organization demonstrating outstanding initiative, leadership and accomplishment in protecting and preserving the natural environment or establishing good community relations during an exploration program or operation of a mine.  

Core to every Lundin company is a commitment to leveraging resource development to mobilize economic opportunities for local communities. Among the achievements that earned the Lundin Foundation the PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award are 2021 efforts which supported 650 small businesses to generate over $42 million in revenue and led to 2000 well-paying jobs. The Foundation helped 79 climate start-ups launch solutions to combat climate change and attracted $30 million in third-party funding to bring those solutions to market. Behind these numbers are community members connected with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to unlock economic prosperity and improve their lives.  


The benefits of training local community members for long-term jobs, supporting small businesses to become suppliers to Lundin mines, investing in non-resource industries to diversify the local economy, and tapping into the ingenuity that exists in every community to encourage environmental innovation are central to the work of the Lundin Foundation.

The Lundin Foundation team is very proud to work closely with communities to create lasting benefits in the lives of people near Lundin Group company operations.  Receiving the PDAC 2023 Sustainability Award is an energizing and inspiring start to the year — and our team is looking forward to building upon our success.