Green Engineering Contest Launched in San Juan, Argentina

May 10, 2023 by Marcos De La Iglesia

Josemaría and the Lundin Foundation launch a Green Engineering contest with the National University of San Juan Faculty of Engineering.

On Wednesday, April 26, members of the Lundin Foundation and the Josemaría project signed, together with the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of San Juan (UNSJ), plans for a Green Engineering contest that will provide financing and thesis mentoring for student engineering projects that have a focus on sustainability and innovation. The contest is for students and/or graduates of the Engineering program whose final work has the potential to positively impact social and/or environmental matters in addition to being financially self-sustaining.

The Green Engineering contest seeks to promote a space where advanced students or graduates of Engineering from UNSJ can experiment, test and, based on technical and practical methodologies, implement innovative ideas that generate a positive impact on caring for the environment, such as circular economy, technological innovation, energy efficiency and water use, among others. Support will be provided to a maximum of 5 finalists who will receive financial support to launch their projects or thesis, along with guided mentoring for 5-months to build prototypes or launch their initiatives.

Marcos de la Iglesia, Program Manager at the Lundin Foundation, explained that “the relationship between the Lundin Foundation and Josemaría is not only about mining, but to be able to make contributions in terms of research and education and, in this sense, to work in alliance with an institution with the prestige of the UNSJ is a great honour for us.” He added: “This contest arises with the objective of motivating Engineering students or graduates in the materialization of environmental, technological and innovative sustainability initiatives, thus being participants in a positive transformation of the environment that surrounds them.”

Implementation and Application

The contest is designed for UNSJ engineering students and graduates whose thesis or engineering project of their authorship falls within the proposed challenges. In addition, advanced students and graduates who have approved their thesis work between February 2019 and March 2023 within San Juan province can apply. The jury will comprise five members of the UNSJ, the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), the San Juan Industrial Union (UISJ), Josemaría and the Lundin Foundation.

The selected winners will be guided in using various analysis tools that allow them to review the viability of the implementation of their proposal, identifying improvements to the design and the market potential of the idea developed so that it is economically sustainable over time. Furthermore, the winners will receive mentoring and guided advice for the purchase of materials, testing in laboratories, and facilitating the connection with construction spaces for the creation of prototypes, among other actions necessary for the construction of the minimum viable product (MPV).

In addition, they will receive technical support to analyze their business model, sales and marketing strategy, and the possibilities of establishing commercial alliances, when feasible. The maximum economic support to be granted for each finalist project will be the value in Argentine pesos, equivalent to USD 5,000, taking the selling currency exchange rate of the Banco de la Nación Argentina on the date of delivery.

As of May 2, the Green Engineering content website is live for applicants.

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