Advising and guiding the Lundin Group of Companies

We elevate developmental practices across the Lundin Group, ensuring resource operations mobilize local economic opportunities and benefit surrounding communities.

Since our 2007 inception, we have disbursed more than $72.6M USD into initiatives that enable local employment, nurture small business growth and support financially viable social and environmental solutions.

Our Differentiators

The Lundin Group of Companies operates in 25 countries across the globe, discovering and developing natural resources and building world-class, responsible operations. We support companies within the Group to improve their Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) performance and develop strategic community investments to maximize economic and social benefits to communities.

A Collective Strength

The Lundin Foundation serves as a central hub that connects a vast pool of global experience and knowledge from the Lundin Group of Companies. We elevate performance across the Group by sharing knowledge and best practices to effectively respond to emerging trends within the industry.

A Ten-Year Track Record

We draw upon over a decade of proven experience of impact investing and designing strategic community investments across the globe. Each year, our expertise grows. As we look to the next decade, we aim to transfer this knowledge and expertise to each of the Lundin Group companies and expand our advisory role.

A Long-Term Perspective

Change doesn’t happen overnight. We employ a multi-year perspective to create shared value in the communities where we operate. At a minimum, we look three years into the future and promote continuous improvement and innovation within our long-term programs. We develop a sustainable exit strategy to transfer knowledge and expertise to our community partners.

A Commitment to Market-Based Solutions

We leverage the power of the market and together with our stakeholders, design market-based solutions to increase the economic and social benefits to communities. Based on the needs of each community and program, we offer tailored financing in the form of grants, debt and equity to promote sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

In partnership with our corporate partners and communities, we are committed to creating impact that contributes to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Business Sustainability Summit

With an eye toward the future, we monitor advancements in the Environmental and Social Governance fields to help our corporate partners respond to new developments. Since 2016, we have united sustainability practitioners at the Lundin Foundation Business Sustainability Summit, focusing on community investment strategies, sustainability and approaches to addressing climate change.