Community economic development, innovative solutions and long-term impact

We support our partners in developing strategic community investments that power lasting, sustainable impact at the local level.

The Lundin Foundation works closely with our partners to elevate developmental practices across the Lundin Group, ensuring resource operations mobilize local economic opportunities and benefit surrounding communities.

Our Differentiators

The Lundin Group of Companies operates in 25 countries across the globe, discovering and developing natural resources and building world-class, responsible operations. We support companies within the Group to improve their Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) performance and develop strategic community investments to maximize economic and social benefits to communities.

Community Economic Development  

Our team develops entrepreneurial opportunities that power a lasting, sustainable impact at the local level. This starts by assessing untapped market prospects and building upon the inherent strengths of each community. When a program ends, community members are empowered to continue to contribute to the betterment of their societies.

ESG Leadership 

The Lundin Foundation is connected to a global community committed to knowledge sharing and collaboration. We strive to elevate best practices, promote continuous learning and contribute to a diverse pool of international expertise to address pressing Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) topics. This enables us to effectively respond to emerging trends within the industry, facilitate working groups — leading to an elevation of ESG performance across the Lundin Group of companies. 

Long-Term Impact 

The impacts of our solutions are designed to multiply over time, leading to lasting community benefits.  Each opportunity considers hiring local workers, procuring local goods, and developing local businesses to distribute benefits widely across communities. At a minimum, we look three years into the future and promote continuous improvement and innovation within our long-term programs by making strategic investments in initiatives that enrich the local economy. 

Innovative Solutions 

We believe communities deserve an individualized approach. A successful local solution demands out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility, and an in-depth understanding of the surrounding environment. Once a joint goal is established, we provide technical expertise and flexible financing solutions to bring our collective vision to life. 


We have forged strategic partnerships and memberships with international organizations that share our commitment to ensuring resource operations mobilize local economic opportunities and benefit surrounding communities. This includes our commitment to creating impacts that contribute to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Business Sustainability Summit

With an eye toward the future, we monitor advancements in the Environmental and Social Governance fields to help our corporate partners respond to new developments. Since 2016, we have united sustainability practitioners at the Lundin Foundation Business Sustainability Summit, focusing on community investment strategies, sustainability and approaches to addressing climate change.