Identifying untapped market opportunities and building upon the existing assets of local communities is one of our greatest strengths. We help small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing business analysis, technical assistance, management training and financing. By investing in non-resource dependent sectors, we can help promote vibrant and diverse local economies.


Revitalizing a Community

The coastal communities in the Atacama region in Chile have a long history in fisheries. However, unsustainable fishing practices and market barriers have put pressure on artisanal fisheries. Our team identified a market opportunity between a global exporter and leader in sustainable fisheries, and a local fishing union that owns a fish processing plant. In partnership with Lundin Mining’s Candelaria mine, we invested in upgrades to the plant and supported the union to adopt sustainable fishing practices. Our support will assist the plant in becoming financially viable and locally managed within three years, enabling fisherfolk to retain more income and produce a value-added product which supports the recovery of marine resources. 

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 Planting Economic Roots

In Botswana, most vegetables are imported from neighbouring countries making them unaffordable for many. There was a clear opportunity to improve village access to affordable vegetables and protein, create meaningful employment and improve nutrition for 1,600 students attending local schools. In partnership with Lucara, we worked closely with the Mokubilo community to design a viable business model for a community-owned commercial farm. We supported farm construction, start-up operations and integrated solar energy to meet water and lighting needs. The farm has created 13 new full-time jobs for local community members and completed its first sales in early 2019

Oreeletswe Keatshabiwa packaging eggs for sale at Mokubilo Cooperative Society Farm.

Oreeletswe Keatshabiwa packaging eggs for sale at Mokubilo Cooperative Society Farm.

Where there is hard work, everything
impossible can be made possible.
— Oreeletswe Keatshabiwa, Mokubilo Cooperative Society Farm