Committed to creating shared prosperity with host communities.

Africa Oil has long viewed its commitment to creating shared benefits with local communities as a critical component for growing its business.

In partnership with the Foundation, the company has invested in multi-year initiatives that support education and skills training in Turkana County and small business growth across northern Kenya.

These initiatives were conceived through an in-depth assessment, involving local stakeholder consultations and economic development studies, to identify opportunities for stimulating economic growth in the County. Potential projects were closely evaluated against several criteria, such as the scale of impact, number of beneficiaries, opportunities for local ownership and long-term viability.

Northern Kenya is economically underdeveloped which has led to limited interest by outside investors who perceive small businesses as too risky. We saw an opportunity through education and skills training and economic diversification to provide much-needed training and financing to small businesses in Turkana County and Northern areas of Kenya which are semi-arid lands, with nomadic communities.

Multiplying Impact

The Foundation, through the strength of its advisory support and capacity building, was able to help Africa Oil provide much-needed upgrades to the Lodwar Technical Vocational Training Centre’s electrical, plumbing and catering facilities, and strengthen the institutional capacity of the Training Centre. Over 322 students have been trained in the centre and completed training programs with a 99% graduation rate.  The Training Centre has further leveraged the catering facilities into a profitable commercial restaurant which offers a better-equipped training environment for students and operational funding to the Centre. 

The Foundation also developed a multi-year initiative to train, mentor and finance local small businesses, and launched an impact investment fund in northern Kenya. The Turkana Catalyst Initiative targets local oil and gas suppliers to ensure small businesses benefit from large-scale energy development while diversifying their client base to create local jobs.

Partner Initiatives

Lodwar Technical Vocational Training Centre

Infrastructure upgrade and institutional capacity building

Turkana Catalyst Initiative

Small business training program and financing

Northern Kenya Growth Capital

Support to small businesses through impact investment fund

Youth Entrepreneurs in Silk and Honey

Training and entrepreneurship support to youth in apiculture and sericulture

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our initiatives strive to improve people's lives and protect the planet and are in support of the following UN SDGs: