The Lundin Group operates in 25 countries around the world and is known for discovering and developing large resources and building world-class operations. The Lundin Foundation cultivates expertise and knowledge that can be shared across the Group to elevate performance, maximize benefits, and leave communities stronger than ever before. We support the Lundin Group of Companies to make sure communities benefit from resource development in a meaningful way.

Design Market-Based Solutions

In collaboration with our corporate partners, we design market-based solutions to enhance education, employment and small business growth and launch social and environmental innovations.

Advise and Guide

We advise and guide our corporate partners in the areas of community investment and engagement, environmental and social governance, and sustainability communications and reporting.

Convene Best Practices

We convene best practices to leverage knowledge across the Lundin Group. We connect and share resources, experience and knowledge, ensuring insights and best practices reach each company.

2018 Business Sustainability Summit

In October 2018, we hosted the third annual Business Sustainability Summit at Lundin Mining’s Candelaria mine in Chile. A group of 35 community and sustainability professionals from 11 sites across Lundin Group’s global operations attended the Summit to discuss and design solutions to the most pressing issues facing the industry. Through professional development sessions and peer-to-peer learning, we shared the most timely and industry-relevant knowledge on aligning community investment with business drivers. This helps our partners address the spectrum of social risks unique to each phase of a resource development project.


The Lundin Group is committed to growing shareholder value in a responsible manner. By maximizing the benefits to communities, the Foundation helps maintain a social license to operate, reduce non-technical risk and support access to financing.