Since our inception in 2007, we have disbursed more than $76.3 million CAD into initiatives that enable local employment, nurture small business growth, support financially viable social and environmental solutions— together multiplying our impact beyond the initiatives themselves.

Our expertise is in advising and guiding the Lundin Group of Companies towards developing market-based solutions to support communities around operations. We convene knowledge sharing and best practices and serve as a central hub, connecting a vast network of experience and knowledge. Learn more about our role.

Realizing Human Potential

Our expertise spans four pillars of transformation: education and skills training, local procurement, economic diversification, and social and environmental innovation. In all areas, success is in the hands of the communities we work with. Our projects include training, technical assistance and fit-for-purpose capital to enable long-term growth and inspire a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Long-lasting Economic Benefits

We start by identifying untapped market opportunities, using the existing strengths of local communities, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We listen, push boundaries and test innovative solutions—from financing to program delivery—guided by our end goal of maximizing the potential of local communities. Every single project is co-created with those communities. When our project is complete, what remains is a clear path for people to continue improving their lives.

Elevating Performance Across the Lundin Group

We leverage the collective strength of the Lundin Group of Companies. We share knowledge, insights and best practices to elevate performance across the Group and to maximize impact in the communities in which we operate. Together we ensure communities across the globe benefit from the economic opportunities of resource operations, and investments in people are long-lasting and transformational.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Foundation recognizes that resource operations are a powerful catalyst for supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We ensure that every project is in support of the global shared blueprint for improving people’s lives and the planet. Our commitment to the SDGs are highlighted throughout our website. See the icons for where we are making an impact.

The Foundation is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with regional offices and staff representatives in Chile, Ecuador and Kenya.

To learn more about the work of the Foundation, the initiatives we support and the impact we are making in various communities around the world, take a look at the 2018 Annual Report.