At the Lundin Foundation, we look for high-potential solutions to social and environmental challenges led by inspiring entrepreneurs. Our focus is on supporting viable business models that leverage the scaling power of markets. We provide early-stage financing, technical assistance and fund incubator programs to help promising ideas grow.


Supporting Low Carbon Food Systems

The Arctic Accelerator has kickstarted new business models, incubated businesses and launched market-ready products with a focus on the environment in northern Norway. With the help of the Accelerator, Mariann Solaas launched FOODSPOT, a digital platform that links consumers to local sustainable agricultural producers, helping farmers expand sales channels while reducing the carbon footprint of food distribution. Mariann now works full-time on FOODSPOT, and is preparing for a full commercial launch after securing follow-on funding from investors.


Mariann Solaas, Founder of Foodspot, a start-up promoting sustainable and low carbon food systems

Mariann Solaas, Founder of Foodspot, a start-up promoting sustainable and low carbon food systems

I participated in the Arctic Accelerator because I needed to develop both my idea and myself as an entrepreneur. I launched the prototype during this period and it was really a game changer. My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Go for it! If you believe that your concept has the right to life, quit your day job and go all in!
— Mariann Solaas, Founder of Foodsteps

Investing in Sustainable Oceans

Our team also identified the need for solutions in sustainable oceans and invested in Katapult Ocean, an accelerator and impact fund co-founded by Katapult Accelerator and WWF Norway. The fund is focused on promoting the development of emerging sustainable ocean technologies that include zero-emissions shipping technologies, plastic waste reduction and traceability of fisheries. There are currently 12 active businesses involved in the fund, four of which are based in Norway.