All communities face social and environmental challenges. The Foundation  helps promising entrepreneurs to develop and scale innovative solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges.

Creative Solutions to Environmental Issues

In Chile, the foundation works with local partners to deliver a two-phase program that challenges entrepreneurs to create and prototype solutions to pressing environmental and social challenges. Inventa Comunidad helps inventors progress their ideas, and Inventa Accelerator supports them in launching viable businesses.

Phase 1: Inventa comunidad

Inventa Comunidad starts with an open call to submit proposals and a series of entrepreneurial boot camps. Community members develop a business idea, which they present to local judges as part of a competition to select the most promising business ideas for further development. In 2017, community members presented 70 projects for consideration, and 6 continued to the prototyping stage. The Foundation works with Chrysalis, the Business Incubator of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, through Co-work Atacama, to help the entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

inclusive courtyards.jpg

Inclusive Courtyards

(Paola Klein)

Courtyard modifications to help integrate children with different capabilities.

safe bikes.jpg

Bike Safe Spot

(Fernando Bravo)

Public safety and intelligent bike parking system to promote sustainable transportation options. 

wind turbine.jpg

Vertical Wind Turbine

(Giulianno Cortes)

Vertical wind power turbine that generates energy from low winds. 

drinkable water.jpg

Water Desalination Plant

(Juan Guiardo)

Water desalination plant that uses solar and wind power to deliver clear water to communities. 

Phase 2: Inventa accelerator

Inventa Accelerator supports successful entrepreneurs coming out of the Inventa Comunidad program with further financing, business advice and technical assistance. The aim is to support them to secure external investment and launch their business. In 2017, five entrepreneurs were supported through the Accelerator Program. 


YAKKA, Water Collection and Renewable Energy System

Yakka was originally conceived as a water collection mechanism to collect and store water from mist to be used for agricultural purposes. Through the Inventa Accelerator prototyping process, Yakka’s founder, Alejandro Abarcia, discovered that Yakka also has a powerful capacity to generate energy from wind. This led to the launch of Yakka Energy in 2017.  Through the Accelerator Program, the entrepreneur secured additional funding from the government agency CORFO and was able to sell the wind generation module to a local indigenous community and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning of Atacama.

Entrepreneurs Support

In Scandinavia, we support entrepreneurs in the areas of refugee integration, youth, and environment and sustainability. Through a business incubation process, our partners provide training, mentoring, specialized support and access to financing through programs in Norway and Sweden. 


boost refugee program, norway

A partnership with social innovation leaders SoCentral and the city of Oslo, led to BOOST Refugee, an accelerator program to help refugees find jobs through career fairs, courses, mentoring and networking events. 



(Linn Tomasdotter)

Helps highly skilled newcomers break down barriers to employment in their field. 


Partnering with business incubator Kunnskapsparken, the Foundation formed Arctic Accelerator, which helps young entrepreneurs develop business ideas around renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources. 

arctic algae.jpg

Arctic Algae 

(Jacob Oiesvold Aasjord and Simen Abs Akeroy)

Arctic Algae harvests Troffeltang, a specialty seaweed, to sell to high-end European restaurants. 


Partnering with Impact Invest Sweden, we provide training and support to help newcomers enter and navigate the Swedish business environment and develop entrepreneurial skills. 

sweet o salti.jpg

Sweet O Salti Catering

(Walaa Tebakhi)

Catering company serving Swedish and Arabic fusion food at home parties and events. 


(Raed Shihab)

Multi-lingual website covering all aspects of settling and working in Sweden.