Investment MEDEEM Ghana
Target Geography Ghana
Sectors Agriculture, Property Rights
Instrument Quasi-Equity and Strategic Grant
Target Impacts
  • Revenue Growth
  • Job Creation
  • Wages Paid
  • # of Parcelcerts
  • Improvements in household assets / incomes


Over one billion of the world's poor lack the simple security of legally recognized land rights. The inability of the poor to gain formalized land rights remains a formidable barrier to economic progress and has paralyzed an estimated 9.3 trillion dollars of untapped capital globally.

MEDEEM provides an innovative and affordable, private-sector driven solution to formalizing land rights for the world's poor. MEDEEM's mission is to bridge the legal empowerment gap between informal land holding and formal land registration. Overburdened and inefficient government land registries, coupled with the high cost of associated fees and surveys, makes the formal land titling process unaffordable and inaccessible to those at the base of the economic pyramid. MEDEEM addresses these long standing roadblocks to registration by bringing the process directly to its clients at a cost they can afford.


Medeem's approach is driven by process innovation and the efficiencies achieved by locally managed operations. Medeem's process parallels the formal land recordation and registration process but does not replace it. Each step in Medeem's approach is designed for maximum efficiency in terms of cost and time spent. These savings are then passed down to the client enabling Medeem to offer an affordable alternative to the high cost and time-consuming government land registration process that has presented road blocks to clients for years. Medeem's approach provides a practical and highly efficient private-sector solution to documenting land rights that is driven by locally managed operations at a fraction of the cost to the client. To further efficiency, Medeem distributes their ParcelCert product through locally established and well respected microfinance (MFI) partners. By utilizing an existing network of local service providers Medeem is building human capital in-country while substantially reducing costs. The ultimate benefit to the client is that the product is affordable and the process comes to their doorstep through someone with whom they have already established a trusting relationship. For those clients who cannot afford the fee outright, the MFI is able to offer the client the option of financing the cost through a small micro loan.

Investment Rationale

We see access to land is a critical factor in increasing rural productivity and believe that MEDEEM has a unique innovation that is scalable across the continent.

Latest News / Links

Medeem Ghana has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with two chieftaincies in the Ashanti region and is well-positioned to scale over the course of 2013.

MEDEEM Ghana distributes ParcelCert(tm) certificates to clients at CNFA-Kuapa Kokoo ceremony.

MEDEEM Ghana participated in a ceremony in Goaso celebrating the launch of a project between CNFA, an international agricultural economic development organization, and Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union (KKFU), a local farmer cooperative. Under the project, known as Kuapa Input Credit Scheme, ten Business Development Centers (BDCs) are being opened, which allow cocoa farmers increased access to farm inputs, training, and information on cocoa production technologies.

MEDEEM's work is integral to the goals of the project---namely to increase the yield and income of smallholder cocoa farmers as part of the "Commercial Strengthening of Smallholder Cocoa Production" program. MEDEEM's ParcelCert documentation and government-standard land surveys help farmers increase land tenure security and facilitate accurate calculation of farm inputs needed, resulting in increased farm productivity and efficiency.

The Kuapa Kokoo farmers and others in attendance, including Paramount Chief of Goaso, Nana Kwasi Bosomprah I, listened to a presentation by MEDEEM Ghana Executive Vice President and General Counsel David Boafo. Mr. Boafo described the ParcelCert documentation as a way to help farmers gain land tenure security and progress toward formal land registration. After his presentation Mr. Boafo distributed ParcelCert certificates to three clients representing the Kuapa famers, with the help of Joseph Okyere, MEDEEM Ghana Vice President and Senior Program Manager. In total, 424 completed ParcelCerts were delivered by MEDEEM Ghana, and the remaining packages will be distributed by KKFU to its members. After the ParcelCert packages were handed out, Nana Kwasi Bosomprah spoke enthusiastically of the ParcelCert process, describing the ParcelCerts as "asase krataa," meaning 'land organizer' in Twi.

The event was covered by three national news agencies: GTV, Metro News, and TV3.

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