Strong governing institutions ensure industry benefits are broad-based and transformative. Working with specialized and local training partners, the Foundation assists national and local governments to build capacity to provide regulatory oversight, manage resource revenues and develop strategic economic development plans.

Strengthening Ecuador's Mining Capabilities

Ecuador, a long standing oil and gas producer, has recently been developing a modern mining sector. This requires national and local governments to expand capacity to provide regulatory oversight over the mining sector and plan for resource related revenues.

The Foundation has partnered with the Centre for Industry Development and and Mining (CIMA) and the Technical University of Loja ( UTPL) to launch Ecuador's first university accredited courses related to Mining and the Environment, Journalism and Planning. The programs incorporate world-class curriculum via the Edumine training platform as well as in-person instruction from local regulatory experts and mine site visits.

It is crucial to understand tools and practices used in other countries with more experience in mining. I now have a clear understanding of Environmental Impact Assessments and how to evaluate compliance.
— Diego Morocho, Ministry of Environment

Professional Certificate in ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING and mining IN Journalism

A nation's media plays an important role in ensuring the public are accurately informed and aware of key issues of national importance. The Professional Certificate in Environmental Monitoring and Mining in Journalism was launched to build the capacity of journalists, media outlets and key ministries to understand the basics of modern mining, responsible mining practices and the Ecuadorian mining code in the context of reporting and journalism.  We funded 35 journalists to attend an innovative program to equip journalists with the skills and knowledge needed to report effectively on mining projects. 

Understanding what modern mining means is crucial to improving my ability to communicate with my audience. The program helped me to understand the mining cycle and how each phase creates benefits and challenges for communities around a mining project.
— Norman Tandazo, journalist from Zamora Chinchipe
 Media and journalist training at CIMA.

Media and journalist training at CIMA.

Professional Certificate FOR EnvironmentAL MANAGEMENT IN Mining

The program was developed in partnership with the Technical University of Loja (UTPL), the
Centre for Industry Development and Mining, and specialized mine training center EDUMIN to help the Government of Ecuador better manage the benefits and impacts of mining.


In Ecuador, the local government plays an important role in managing the benefits and issues arising from resource development. The Professional Certificate in Sustainability and Local Planning targets three local governments in the province of Zamora Chinchipe: Municipality of Yantzaza and communities of Los Encuentros and Chicana. The ten month program is focused on building local government capacity to plan and implement public investment projects or public-private partnerships in support of local development goals.  Three local governments and 45 officials participated in a program that supports local government in sustainability planning future developments. Participants engage with government officials from other countries, such as Peru, to adopt key learnings and best practices.