Our team looks for opportunities that can leverage the purchasing power of resource operations— opportunities that stimulate the growth of local businesses, create jobs and multiply impacts along supply chains. To ensure benefits remain in local communities we provide technical assistance and flexible financing to help local suppliers meet purchasing requirements and thrive into the future.



Impact that Multiplies

Our early support of a group of local cafeteria workers at Fruta del Norte helped launch a successful catering and laundry company called Catering Las Peñas which now provides catering and hospitality services to Fruta del Norte. Catering Las Peñas has achieved continued success, growing revenues by 170% and becoming one of the region's major employers. In 2018, the Foundation supported Catering Las Peñas to launch 'Takataii', the company's own local supplier development program in order to multiply impact for local agricultural producers. Takataii provides technical assistance, business training and micro-credit for small agricultural producers. This enables local agricultural suppliers to meet the demand of Catering Las Peñas, which keeps economic benefits local.


Increasing Capacity

Jairo Cuenca Armijos is a young farmer who previously worked his land with limited technical expertise and did not see his farm as a business opportunity. Jairo didn’t have the knowledge to market his products or plan for what potential clients required. Takataii has helped Jairo and 78 local small farmers integrate into the Catering Las Peñas supply chain where $1.7 million in products have been purchased from small businesses and agricultural producers.

Jairo Cuenca Armijos and his wife prepare papaya crops for sale to Catering Las Peñas

Jairo Cuenca Armijos and his wife prepare papaya crops for sale to Catering Las Peñas

Thanks to the technical assistance and training I received it has been possible for us to increase production and harvest better quality products. I hope this story motivates young people to become entrepreneurs and devote their lives to working the land.
— Jairo Cuenca Armijos, Takataii Agricultural Producer