The purchasing power of mining and oil and gas companies can be a powerful catalyst for spurring the growth of the local economy, creating jobs and wage benefits; it is estimated that supply chain activities can create three times more employment benefits compared to direct employment within extractive resource companies. The Foundation supports initiatives to strengthen the local supplier base through training, targeted technical assistance and access to capital to help local small and medium-seized enterprises become suppliers to resource development companies. 


Catering to Demand


Catering Las Peñas

At Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte project in southern Ecuador, the company originally provided its own catering services. The Foundation helped former catering employees create Catering Las Peñas, an independent company providing catering and housekeeping services to the developing mine. The Foundation has provided financing and technical assistance to support the start-up phase of operations and to enable Catering Las Peñas to better link local agricultural producers into its supply chain.  

“Local agricultural producers are now integrated into the catering supply chain, which has boosted the economy and has generated important sources of stable and gainful employment.”
— Ron Hochstein, President and CEO of Lundin Gold.

Catering Las Peñas became an award-wining project in November 2017 when Lundin Gold received the United Nations Global Compact Best Practice Award for Sustainable Development for its work undertaken jointly with the Lundin Foundation and Catering Las Peñas. In just over two years, 150 jobs have been created, 75% of which are in the province of Zamora Chinchipe.  More than 65% of its suppliers are from this province and 30% of its purchases are made within the parish of Los Encuentros. 


Las Peñas 2016 Results

* 114% increase in annual sales

* More than 100 local jobs created

* $660,000 purchased from local producers


Additional income generated by investment  

In 2016, every $1 invested by the Foundation has generated an additional $5.48 in the local economy in the form of wages, supply chain purchase and taxes paid to local government.

The support from Lundin Foundation has been critical in helping fulfill service requirements.
— Victor Armijos, General Manager, Catering Las Peñas

Making It Easier to Buy and Hire Locally


Candelaria Mine, Chile

The Foundation is helping local suppliers provide goods and services to the Candelaria Mine – a Lundin Mining copper mine – in Chile’s Atacama Region. As part of its Responsible Mining Policy, Lundin Mining now evaluates suppliers based on their ability to buy and hire locally. The Foundation provided technical assistance to Candelaria to help assess the readiness of 80 potential local suppliers.