The purchasing power of resource development companies can be a powerful catalyst for growing the local economy, creating jobs and boosting wages. We provide training, targeted technical assistance and access to capital to help local small- and medium-sized enterprises become suppliers to resource development companies.


Increasing Local Suppliers


Candelaria Mine, Chile

The Foundation is helping local suppliers provide goods and services to the Candelaria Mine – a Lundin Mining copper mine – in Chile’s Atacama Region. The Foundation worked closely with CORFO, the state agency for competitiveness and 30 local suppliers to comply with mining standards and improve their commercial, managerial and technical skills.  

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Local Restaurant Feeds the Appetite of Homemade Food

Located in Tierra Amarilla, close to the Candelaria Mine site, the Santa Rosa restaurant is a family business serving traditional homemade food. Rosa Araya and her son Miguel Cerda run the restaurant, employing local community members. Through the Candelaria Supplier Development Program, Rosa and Miguel strengthened their business and learned strategies to become more competitive. This helped the entrepreneurial family to provide food to workers of contractor companies, increasing their revenue.

Supporting Local Suppliers to Increase their Revenues

In 2017, local business doubled their sales to Fruta del Norte thanks to the local procurement program, NEXO, created, funded and supported by the Foundation.

NEXO provides training and customized technical assistance to 80 local businesses in the province of Zamora Chinchipe in a wide range of sectors. Nexo supports local businesses to become suppliers of the Fruta del Norte mining project. Workshops and training courses enable the business owners to improve their knowledge and management strategies in administration, finances, communications and marketing, human resources, accounting, legal compliance and quality control. The businesses are provided with assistance to find additional markets to support future expansion. Through the program, an online directory of local enterprises was also launched:

Confecciones Elegancias, garment confection and repair shop participating in the Nexo program. 

Confecciones Elegancias, garment confection and repair shop participating in the Nexo program. 

APCE, association of small producers in the area participating in the Nexo program. 

APCE, association of small producers in the area participating in the Nexo program. 

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Thanks to the training provided by NEXO, we improved the management of our businesses. This is a great opportunity to open doors and project us as leaders in the southern region of Ecuador.
— Victor Armijos, General Manager, Catering Las Peñas

Catering las peÑas receives  un global compact award

In 2017, Catering Las Peñas received the united nations global Compact Best Practice Award for Sustainable Development under SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Catering Las Peñas is a catering and housekeeping services company founded by former employees of Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte project in southern Ecuador.The Foundation provided financing, training and technical assistance to help create the company which provides catering and housekeeping services to 700 workers at the developing mine. In just over two years, 200 jobs were created, 75% of which are in the area of influence. The company also increased its purchases from local agricultural producers by 60% in 2017 to further boost the local economy.

In 2017, Catering Las Peñas annual revenue increased by 160%.

In 2017, Catering Las Peñas annual revenue increased by 160%.

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Catering Las Peñas not only

created jobs, but also developed its own local procurement program - integrating over 54 local providers into its supply chain. 

Supplier Development at Neves Corvo

The Foundation launched a capacity building program with local suppliers, including training and customized one-on-one support, to help local companies increase revenue and reach. The program is delivered in partnership with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre of the University Institute of Lisbon. 

Neves-Corvo copper and zinc mine, Portugal. 

Neves-Corvo copper and zinc mine, Portugal. 

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Supplier Matchmaking in Portugal

The Foundation supported Lundin Mining's Neves-Corvo Mine to engage with local suppliers and provide opportunities to promote partnership opportunities between large suppliers and small local suppliers. Trade Fairs were held with over 135 participants and focused on opportunities with civil workers, construction and equipment maintenance, and catering. Over 75% of participants said the event led to new business opportunities. A capacity building program for local suppliers in being launched in 2018.

Catalyzing Enterprise Growth

Turkana Catalyst Initiative (TCI) is funded by the Department for International Development’s ‘Kenya Extractives Programme’ (K-EXPRO) and is a business accelerator and financing program that will combine tailored and intensive technical assistance and seed financing to grow high potential businesses operating within or from Turkana County. TCI will empower SMEs to develop the knowledge and skills needed to accelerate their business operations, catalyzing growth and strengthening links to procurement opportunities in growth sectors in Northern Kenya. The TCI will also support them in developing their business pitch to potential social impact investors, including acting as a feeder fund to the Northern Kenya Growth Capital (NKGC). A social impact fund also managed by Lundin offering debt financing to SMEs operating in Northern Kenya, completing a vertically integrated approach to supporting SME growth in Turkana. Such a model will result in sustainable SMEs and could be replicated/deployed in other regions.