The growth of mining and oil and gas industries offers direct and indirect benefits through employment, with the majority of positions requiring skilled training. The Foundation supports the capacity building of local training institutions with a view of developing a qualified local workforce.


Accelerated High School Equivalency Program

Lundin Gold is developing the Fruta del Norte project in the Province of Zamora Chinchipe in southern Ecuador. This area is relies primarily on agricultural and subsistence farming and has low high school completion levels. Fruta de Norte will require specialised skills for its workforce and candidates require, at minimum, a secondary school diploma in order to qualify for additional training. The Foundation has partnered with the Ministry of Education and Fe y Alegria to launch an accelerated high school equivalency program for mature students to obtain a high school diploma and open new pathways to training and employment opportunities.  The program was launched in October 2016 and will support 200 individuals over the age of 18 and originating from Los Encuentros and Yantzaza to obtain a high school diploma in 18 months.

First cohort of students participating in the Accelerated High School Equivalency Program

First cohort of students participating in the Accelerated High School Equivalency Program



It is estimated that over 60% of employment opportunities within the emerging oil and gas sector in Kenya will require vocational and technical training. To ensure that the local population has the necessary skills to qualify for employment opportunities, the Foundation has focused on strengthening training capacity in Lodwar, Turkana, where the most promising oil discoveries have been made. 

First cohort of trainees attending electrical installation and plumbing programs at LOYOPO.

The Foundation, in close partnership Africa Oil and the Turkana County Government launched the upgrade of Lodwar Youth Polytechnic (LOYOPO) with a view of building local vocational training capacity for industry relevant training. The initiative has focused on three immediately relevant skill areas - electrical installation, plumbing and catering. The Foundation has supported the construction of new training facilities, management training for board and management, the provision of training equipment, and faculty training delivered in partnership with the College of the Rockies – a recognized Canadian training institution.

The project has been rolled out in two phases,. Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2015 andfocused on electrical installation and plumbing with the intake of the first cohort of 80 students from Turkana County. The completion of catering facilities is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016 with the first intake beginning in 2017.

A number of organizations have expressed interest in supporting LOYOPO but the Lundin Foundation is the first to keep its word.
— Margaret Kuchal, Turkana County Government, Cabinet Executive for Education