The growth of mining and oil and gas industries offers direct and indirect benefits through employment, with the majority of positions requiring skilled training. The Foundation supports the capacity building of local training institutions with a view of providing industry relevant programs while developing a qualified local workforce that is available to meet employment demand. 

Building Technical Training Capacity

Over 60% of employment opportunities within Kenya’s emerging oil and gas sector are expected to require vocational and technical training. To equip the local population with the necessary skills to access these opportunities, the Foundation partnered with Africa Oil and the Turkana County Government. Together, we are focusing on strengthening training capacity in Lodwar, Turkana, where the most promising oil discoveries have been made.

Improving high-demand skills

The Foundation supported Lodwar Youth Polytechnic’s upgrade to a Vocational Training Centre. The Centre is an important training facility for local students, many of whom have only primary or partial secondary school level education. The upgrade includes faculty and management capacity building, and modern, industry-relevant training facilities in three high-demand skill areas: electrical installation, plumbing and catering.

Empowering women

Farida Imbugwa is one of two female first year electrical students. As a little girl, she would wonder how she could get electricity to her village. Now she aims to start her own business to provide others in her village with electricity.

I would tell other girls they can do anything. They shouldn’t just sit and wait to be given something. If there’s something they can do for themselves, they should do it.
— Farida Imbugwa, first year student

Raising Education Levels in Ecuador

Accelerated High School Equivalency Program

Lundin Gold is developing the Fruta del Norte project in southern Ecuador. The area relies primarily on agricultural and subsistence farming, with high poverty levels and low levels of education. The Foundation partnered with the Ministry of Education and Fe y Alegria to launch an accelerated high school equivalency program to help mature students obtain a high school diploma needed to access emerging training and job opportunities in the resource sector. More than 150 adults will be completing their high school degree as part of this program. 

 Yolanda Burin. 

Yolanda Burin. 

My dream is to become a nurse because I love chemistry and biology. Because of my family circumstances I never completed my high school. When I saw this new program was to open, I was one of the first to sign up. I want to complete my high school certificate and go to university for my degree in nursing.
— Yolanda Burin, 46 years old, artisanal miner
Some people said that I am too old to finish my high school, even some family members. I am a grandmother and I am taking care of my grandkids. That is my motivation – showing them that I can complete my high school. I am sure that my diploma will open other doors such as helping me to start my own business. This program is challenging me all the time.
— Julia Campos, 48 years old, farmer
 Julia Campos never expected to be able to read digital textbooks on a tablet. With support from her tutors, she feels more confident every time and she is not afraid anymore. 

Julia Campos never expected to be able to read digital textbooks on a tablet. With support from her tutors, she feels more confident every time and she is not afraid anymore. 

Training for Employment Opportunities

The Foundation is working actively with educational partners, local communities and Lundin Gold to develop industry-relevant training programs to help community members prepare for job opportunities during the construction and operational phases of mine development. The first training program delivered was a Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Program offered by the Centre for Industry Development and Mining to 90 students in Zamora. The program uses simulators and heavy machinery, and was delivered during evenings and weekends to allow people with jobs to attend. The Foundation provided scholarships for 18 students from Los Encuentros, the nearest community to the mine development.

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HEO training program

- 90 students attending Heavy Equipment Operator training

- 20% attending training on Foundation scholarship