Chairman - Lukas Lundin

Lukas Lundin is known for recognizing value and superior global investment opportunities in the natural resource sector. Mr. Lundin currently serves as a Director of a number of publicly traded companies. He has a growing list of accomplishments, including raising hundreds of millions of dollars for exploration projects, and developing huge resource discoveries into production as principal of the Lundin Group of mining and oil and gas companies. Mr. Lundin balances out his abundant energy by participating in extreme sports such as the Paris Dakar motorcycle race, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and extreme skiing. He combined his love for extreme sports with his global awareness of critical issues to make a positive impact in Africa by riding a motorcycle from Cairo to Cape Town in 2006, creating the Lundin Foundation in the process. As the visionary for Lundin Foundation, Mr. Lundin follows in the adventurous spirit of his father, Adolf Lundin, who was one of the first entrepreneurs to realize the multiple opportunities emerging markets present.

Christine Batruch

Ms Batruch, a historian and lawyer, is based in Geneva and works in the non-profit and business sectors. Ms. Batruch is President of the Board of the Fondation Vidrodgenia in Geneva and member of the Advisory Boards of the Business and Human Rights Platform of the Business School of Lausanne and the International Philanthropic Society in Stockholm. She is on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of World Energy Law and Business and the Oil Gas and Energy Law Intelligence journal. She helped establish non-profit institutions in the Ukraine and was liaison officer and assistant professor at the International Academy of the Environment. As Vice President, Corporate Responsibility at Lundin Petroleum, she is responsible for sustainability, environmental and health and safety strategy and implementation. She has spoken and lectured on international environmental, social and governance issues at international conferences, business schools and universities.

Alex Budden

Mr. Budden is Vice President, Communications & Investor Relations at Lundin Petroleum. Before joining Lundin Petroleum, he was Vice President, External Relations for Africa Oil and Africa Energy. Previously Alex served as a Diplomat for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for 21 years. His international experience has seen him serve in Africa, Asia, the
Middle East, Russia, the Balkans and North America. Throughout his career he has focused on international security, conflict, governance, human rights, and energy and environment issues. He specializes in government and security relations, complex stakeholder management, and strategic communications work. From 2005 to 2008, he was based in East Africa, advising the British Government on political, security, social and economic issues in the region. From 2008 to 2012, he
represented the British Government in Canada on commercial, environmental and energy security issues, with a focus on the hydrocarbon and renewable sectors.

Paul Conibear

Mr. Conibear is a professional engineer who brings over 30 years of senior leadership experience from predominantly developing countries to the Board of Lundin Foundation. Mr. Conibear is currently the President and CEO of Lundin Mining, is a Director of several Lundin Group companies and was the former President and CEO of Tenke Mining Corp.'s and head of Tenke Fungurume Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mr. Conibear understands the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for international companies operating in developing countries, and brings insight into social development needs and the issues facing local communities.



Mrs. Lundin was born in 1934 in Stockholm, Sweden. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Vermont, USA. Married for almost 50 years to Adolf  Lundin, Mrs. Lundin has two sons, two daughters and twelve grandchildren. She has been a successful horse breeder since 1975 and is presently active in the art market through the Swedish auction house Bukowskis, of which the family is the owner. Mrs. Lundin is a frequent visitor to Africa and plays an active role overseeing the activities of the Foundation.

Stephen Nairne

Mr. Nairne has served as the Lundin Foundation's Managing Director since 2007. He serves on the Advisory Board of several SME funds and companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and is concurrently appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches courses on Country and Project Risk Analysis in Developing Countries and African Political Economy. Prior to joining the Lundin Foundation, Mr. Nairne served as Deputy Director with Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's Pacific Office and as Senior Political Risk Analyst at Export Development Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and a Master of Arts from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.